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October 19, 2022

The second full day of programming features three concurrent tracks to choose from. Select from tracks about either content and storytelling, customer-led product development, or sales and product marketing.

Storytelling for Founders

Every founder has a story, but how do you make yours work for you? In this track you’ll learn to identify what’s compelling about your story, define how to package it, and learn the most effective ways to get it out there. We’ll cover these topics in back-to-back sessions on content, podcasting, and PR.

Hosted by: Najva Sol

Colin Gray
Steph Smith
Justin Kazmark
Alexis Grant

Customer Deep Dive: UX, Usability, and Experience

At the center of every resilient company is a strong product. In this track you’ll be armed with essential custumer-focused product development skills, including how to center user experience in your process. Join for a group usability testing session, and a conversation about using product-driven courses and memberships to improve SaaS customer experience and retention.

Hosted by: Sibi Murugesan

Quinn Zeda
Abe Crystal
Sarah M. Chappell
David Kofoed Wind

Product Marketing & Sales Strategy

In an ideal world, your product would sell itself. In reality, your ability to sell is going to be a make or break factor in how successful your company will be. Join us in this track for conversations on pricing, go-to-market, and enterprise sales with some founders with deep experience in those specific domains.

Hosted by: Tyler Tringas

August Flanagan
Ben Orenstein

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